Buying an air conditioner for your house is one of the most important investments to make. However, there are some common mistakes that we tend to make during the air conditioner’s usage period that impact its overall efficiency and performance levels. Let’s get to know the top seven air conditioner mistakes that you need to stop making to avoid a high electricity bill.

Change your AC filters

Ideally, you should always change the filter of your central air conditioning unit once every three months. but if your unit is running all the time, then you should probably clean it at least once in a month. If you do not clean your filters, then soon you will come across a dirty filter that will further lead to poor airflow. It will also freeze up your unit’s evaporator coil. Nit cleaning your air filter is also one of the known causes for a high electricity bill. According to experts, your bill increases between five to fifteen percent due to the dirt. The life span of your entire system will also be shortened. Though fortunately clogged filters can easily be replaced by your maintenance servicemen. 

Get you air conditioning unit serviced regularly

Setting up regular maintenance visits is one of the most important things to make sure that your air conditioner runs smoothly. There are various ways through which you can keep your air conditioner clean. such as cleaning the filters, evaporator coil, checking the air conditioner’s drain channels and much more. But a maintenance visit ensures that your air conditioner is running smoothly. This essential point also helps in elongating the lifespan of your air conditioner. Many people choose to avoid regular maintenance checks due to their busy schedules. Unfortunately, if you skip it often, you will be subjected to huge electricity bills and reparation costs down the line. Hence, make sure to book a maintenance appointment at least once in a few months.

Programming the Thermostat

A common mistake that people tend to practice nowadays is keeping the temperature of the air conditioner really low.  Some people have this misconception that if they set their thermostat level really low, it will help in quickly cooling down your room or house. However, this is definitely not true. Your home or room cools down at the same rate no matter at what level your thermostat is set. If you purposely switch your thermostat at a low temperature, then you also risk forgetting to change it back. this will directly be impacted on its energy levels which will certainly be wasted by a lot. It will also end up forcing your system to work extra hard on days that are likely already hot. Hence, program your thermostat to exactly where you want it, not lower than you need.

Don’t wait too long to change your air conditioning unit

Many people want to squeeze all the benefits out of their air conditioning unit. for many reasons, that is not correct. Firstly you will be entertaining an air conditioning unit that will start churning out huge reparation costs. Not only do these old conditioners start costing too much, but also end up providing very little or no cool air at all and you certainly do not want that, right? Hence, you should bid adieu to your old conditioner and welcome home a far better and efficient air conditioner. With so many options in the market, you will be glad to replace it with your old air conditioning unit.

Ignoring the size of the air conditioner

While finding an appropriate air conditioner for your house, one of the common mistakes people make is not choosing the apt size. Many people choose to install an air conditioning unit that is rated for a smaller space than your home. It ends up causing the air conditioning unit to work overtime in cooling the air. Unfortunately, the overworked air conditioner ends up wearing out more quickly and struggles to meet the demands of the thermostat. On the other hand, an air conditioning unit that is rated for a larger space than your home constantly turns on and off. the unit ends up wearing itself out and grows undependable over time. hence, pay attention to the capacity and pick the right air conditioning unit according to the size of your house.

Close your windows

This is one of the silliest mistakes that people forget to take into account. While the air conditioner is working, many people forget to close their windows. A lot of heat enters the house through windows, not just when they are open. In order to control the heat that is entering your house, you should pay attention to your windows. Keep your windows closed with blinds or drapes during the hottest parts of the day, especially if your windows face towards the sun. In the evening, you can open your windows to encourage the natural flow of cooler air. Hence, this will significantly lessen the burden on your air conditioner. 

Placement of your Air conditioner unit

The most common place to install your air conditioner is where you will be ensured that you get cool air whenever you need it and that you would not have to wait for the entire room to cool down before enjoying its comfort. An air conditioner should be installed in a central location within the room you want to cool. If you are looking to install the air conditioner inside your bedroom, the best place for you to install it is above the bed. But if it is in the lounge or study room, you can choose to install it where you can direct the airflow towards wherever you sit or relax. One more thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the unit is installed high up on the wall so that the cool air is blown out throughout the room. But do make sure that you have easy access to the unit for cleaning, too.