Technological advancements that promise efficiency and savings
Napoleon has achieved technological advancements that focus on increased efficiency, sustainability, comfort, and reduction in energy usage.  It is considered extremely important as it impacts our climate and the rise in demand for efficient heating and cooling systems.

Your saviour for hot summer months, an air conditioner does not actually produce cold air, like a furnace produces heat. Instead, it uses a refrigerant, or a coolant, to absorb heat from the air. It further carries that heat outdoors and releases it outdoors. The air conditioner’s evaporator coil is a crucial component of the system where the refrigerant absorbs heat. The refrigerant continuously circulates to remove more and more heat from your room until your indoor air temperature reaches the one you have chosen on the thermostat. 

Napoleon air conditioners have adopted the third generation C-shaped evaporator that helps in utilizing the air-driving flow theory. A smoother outer and inner evaporator helps in assuring a well-proportioned distance and swift airflow between the indoor cross flow fan and heat exchanger. The C-shaped evaporator can increase the heat exchanging area by fifteen to thirty per cent. It also increases the level of energy efficiency by twelve to twenty-five per cent.


Most people think that when they switch off an appliance from its remote or just turning the power button off is enough to make sure that it is not consuming any electricity. But that is not true. The appliance continues to consume electricity till it is not switched off from the plug point. A study revealed that people actually waste approximately seven to ten per cent of units consumed in the form of standby power.

Standby power is the power that is consumed by an appliance under the standby mode, in which it runs at its lowest power consumption mode and does not perform its primary functions. It tends to account for around five to ten per cent of the total power consumption of an electrical appliance. Napoleon follows the utmost appliance standards that help limit the external power supply standby power to 0.5 W. Hence, leading to no visible impact on your electricity bill.


A DC Inverter Technology ensures that an air conditioning unit operates most economically and efficiently. The fan motors of the indoor and outdoor units, as well as the compressor of Napoleon’s air conditioner, have specifically been curated with the DC Inverter technology. The technology helps the compressor change or control the speed of the blower motor as per the requirement of the indoor atmosphere. Hence, providing you with the aptest environment condition. The DC inverter units have a changeable frequency drive that involves a flexible electrical inverter to control the speed of the electromotor, that implies to the compressor and the cooling or warming output.

One of the major advantages behind the compressor’s operation is the utmost level of cost-effectiveness that is achieved as opposed to the old and traditional air conditioners. Other major advantages of the inverter technology include its sound less functioning, compact framework, a much longer span, energy saving ability and better capacity control that work in extreme weather conditions as well.


The Turbo Mode is the exact opposite of the eco mode. The main function of the Turbo Mode is to go all out and achieve the desired temperature in the shortest time possible. The mode uses the maximum power along with the compressor and the fan which operates at full tilt. This mode is also known as the jet, powerful, fast, or high power.

Napoleon air conditioner’s Turbo Function can bring down the current temperature of the room by 1.5 degrees within one minute and increase the cooling efficiency by forty-five per cent. Since energy usage is very high in this setting, it would be advisable to use it only for a short period of time. This can be ideal when it is extremely hot. Hence, once the temperature settles down, you can turn it off. Napoleon air conditioner’s Turbo Function can bring down the current temperature of the room by 1.5 degrees within 1 minute and  increase 45% cooling efficiency.

Most air conditioners in the Indian market come with an up and down swing blade that further spread cool air inside your room. This form of technology makes it difficult to provide cooling in various nooks of your room. Napoleon’s air conditioners come with a 3-D inlet airflow technology that enables both vertical and lateral movement of air. The swift movement of air helps in dispersing cool air in the nooks and corners of your room at a seamless pace. One of the main advantages of 3D air swing is its ability to spread cool air across the room without the need for manual adjustment by the customer. It also makes sure that cool air does not reach people directly. The air first hits the ceiling and then enables the cooling of the room.