1 Ton 3 star – NAP12D53/11M6

  • C-Shaped Evaporator

The third generation evaporator aids in the smooth and well-proportioned air distance between the crossflow fan and heat exchanger that considerably reduces the workload on the structure. The C-Shaped Evaporator increases the heat exchanging area by fifteen to thirty per cent and raises the heating and cooling speed by twelve to twenty-five per cent in the same efficient space.

  • 0.5 W Standby

The standby power is the best feature to reduce your electricity usage. 0.5 W standby power is the power consumed by Napoleon’s air conditioner under the standby mode, in which it runs at its lowest power consumption mode and does not perform its primary functions. It accounts for around five to ten per cent of the total power consumption of an electrical appliance.

  • Air Flow in Feet

The Air Flow in Feet feature is backed by an indoor unit which is upgraded by an optimized motor fan and air duct that helps enable a long-distance airflow of 40+ft.

  • Turbo Function

The Turbo mode provides you cooling in the shortest time span possible. Our air conditioner’s Turbo Function can bring down the current temperature of the room by 1.5 degrees within one minute and increase cooling efficiency by 45%.

  • 3-D Airflow

With better cooling, no corner of your room will be missed. Through the 3-D Airflow technology, our air conditioner enables both vertical and lateral movement of air which reach every tiny corner of your room. 

  • Auto Restart

Ditch the hassle of resetting your air conditioner after load shedding. The Napoleon Air-conditioner automatically restarts with its previously applied settings when the power returns.

  • 100% Copper

Copper is a high-quality material as it is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Its higher efficiency and performance ensures optimal cooling for a long period of time. 

  • Drip Prevention

Prevent your indoor unit from drip by easily adjusting the flap that enables a better flow of air automatically.

  • LED Hidden Display

The sleek Digital LED display indicates the temperature status more clearly and adds a touch of chicness to your home.

  • Smart and Sleep mode

The SMART function aids in regulating the fan speed, setting the temperature and choosing an operation parameter automatically according to the room temperature.