Buying an air conditioner is one of the most important decisions a person takes for their home. At the end of the day, when you wrap up your work and chores, you would want to come home to the comfort of an air conditioner that perfectly suits your needs. Currently, the Indian market has a ton of air conditioning options to choose from. While the range of options is wide, you must buy an AC that pertains to every aspect. An air conditioner is one of the greatest investments that one takes for their home. If by any chance you end up with a wrong air conditioner that isn’t a good fit, you might have to entertain a large electricity bill for the coming days. therefore you must make the right decision that helps you escape the scorching summer heat.

  1. Determine your budget

The first and the most important step before buying anything is to first determine your budget. However, if you pay a higher price initially, the running cost will be considerably much less. For example, while purchasing a five-star air conditioner will definitely cost you more, but it will help you save more electric power. This means that the electricity bills you will be subjected to in the future will be substantially less than what you will encounter through a low-budget air conditioner. With a higher budget, you get the latest technology like inverter AC that has a longer five to ten years longer lifespan. Another great advantage of a high budgeted air conditioner is the fact that it has fairly lower maintenance costs as compared to a low budget air conditioner. Hence, you should carefully decide your budget before investing in any air conditioner. 

  1. Type of air conditioner

There are two types of air conditioners in the Indian market, the Split air conditioner and the Window air conditioner. A Split air conditioner is slightly on the expensive side. But it comes with a far better cooling capacity than the window air conditioner. The split air conditioner is slightly more efficient as the suction and blower area of the window air conditioner is comparatively smaller in size. Some other reason for selecting a split air conditioner is if your room is medium-sized and faces direct sunlight. If you need a silent conditioning system or plan to use it for more than 5 hours every day.

Window air conditioners are slightly cheaper in comparisons. One of the main requirements to install an air conditioner is that you have a window in your room to install it. If you are looking for a quick and no-complex installation, then you could go for the window air conditioner.

  1. Size of the Air Conditioner

Once you have fixed a budget and decided what type of air conditioner, the next deciding factor is the size of your room. The room size is one of the most important aspects because it helps in deciding the tonnage limit. If you select an air conditioner with higher tonnage for your room, you might end up with a series of high electricity bills. However, if you select an air conditioner with a lower tonnage, then you might not get sufficient cooling in your room, which is definitely not what you want. If you choose a 1.5 ton AC for a 12 x 12 feet room then it will cause more power consumption. But in such a scenario, it is ideal to go for a one-ton capacity air conditioner as it will provide you with optimal cooling and power saving.

  1. Star Rating

One of the important aspects of choosing an air conditioner includes checking its Star rating. This rating is given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency which is an Indian government Department of Energy Saving. Hence, this star rating is entirely based on the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio conveys how efficiently the appliance is using electricity. In simple words, it means that your air conditioner is only using the necessary amount of power to produce the required cooling. A higher value of the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio implies lesser wastage of electricity. Hence, we can easily conclude that air conditioners consume less power when they have a high energy star rating. 

  1. Condenser Coil

Every air conditioner unit has a condenser coil inside its body through which the refrigerant flows. The refrigerant requires better heat exchange within the coil so that the air conditioner can perform at a fast speed and provide consistent cooling. That is the reason why it is important to use a condenser coil of a high-grade level.

One of the prominent high-quality condenser coils is made out of copper material, which is marked as the best ones to use for air conditioning units. While purchasing an air conditioner make sure that the condenser coil is made of copper and not aluminium due to its better property of conductivity. The copper coil is more heat transferable, efficient, high in performance, cost, and has a better lifespan too. The copper coil is also corrosion resistance, easy to maintain, and repair too. Hence, choose a copper coil type in your air conditioner to enjoy optimal cooling for years.

Some of the additional factors that can be considered while buying include the noise level. Many air conditioners are known for constantly humming an irritating sound. Hence make sure before buying that the air conditioner is quiet by finding out if the noise level is up to 44 dB or not. Other factors include the economic model that helps save power by reducing the cooling level of the room. Some air conditioners are also equipped with anti-bacterial protection. It helps in wiping away all the harmful germs and bacteria for a night of safe and sound sleep. On excessive sweaty days, a good air conditioner can also help in dehumidifying the moisture present in the air to make it more suitable for the human body. This is one of the most important features, especially for a country like India.