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Napoleon A.c
People around the world have become more conscious and aware of their environment. Now more than ever they are willing to question how their choices are largely impacting the world at present. Napoleon is a firm believer of this mindset and has consciously been following this methodology since its existence in the Indian market. Our wide line of products have been curated to provide our customers with a wide range of options. Here are some of the top advantages of choosing an environmentally friendly air conditioning unit from Napoleon.

One of the most prominent benefits of choosing an environmentally friendly air conditioner with Napoleon ensures a greater reduction in your usual electricity bills. How? An eco-friendly air-cons with a high energy-efficiency rating help in reducing the power required to operate the pumping system. Hence, in return, it reduces the power required to call your surroundings. It also helps in conserving cool air and energy for later usage. In case of a non-eco-friendly and inefficient air conditioner, you will shed extra money frequently.  An eco-friendly air conditioner does not go through a lot of wear and tear. Hence, it helps you save money on repairs and parts.


Many air conditioners in the Indian market are not well-versed with the latest eco-friendly technology. Hence, they end up producing more greenhouse gases. It not only ends up causing a hole in the customers pocket, it also hampers our environment. But there is always the wise option if you choose an eco-friendly air conditioner that is energy-efficient. Why? Because When you shift to an efficient eco-friendly air conditioner option, not only do you get a significantly lower electricity bill, but you also help in reducing the carbon emissions of the planet.


One of the prime reasons why one should select an eco-friendly air conditioner is because it ensures an improved airflow. It means that your air conditioner will take much less time to cool down the rooms of your home. Hence, the sooner it reaches the desired level of cooling, the sooner you will feel the need to shut it off. One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional and non-eco friendly air conditioners is that they take longer hours to cool down your surroundings. In return becomes the key reason behind your high electricity bills. Due to the advancement in the models, the airflow is at a predominant level, that further pertains to better-regulated temperatures. They also majorly help in decreasing air impurities. Hence, providing you with a much better indoor quality of air to breathe inside your homes.


When you look for an air conditioner for your home, you will certainly not be pleased when it starts to create an annoying sound while you try to sleep. One of the not so pleasant drawbacks of traditional air conditioners is the fact that they can be extremely loud. Numerous eco-friendly conditioners nowadays do not produce much sound as they are considerably less reliant on the moving parts. It means that the audible operating level is vastly reduced. Hence, you can sit back and relax inside your rooms without any noise constantly irritating you.


Choosing a good air-conditioner is one of the most essential decisions to consider. You must choose an environmentally sound air conditioner. Why? Firstly it saves you a lot of money on your future electricity bills. Secondly, it is good for the environment. While these two reasons are more than enough, another great reason behind choosing an eco-friendly air conditioner is that it tends to pay for itself over time. Hence, it is like a long term investment that you need to take to benefit from all its advantages.


Most air conditioning units impact the stratospheric ozone through the release of ozone-depleting refrigerants. However, switching to an eco-friendly air conditioner helps eliminate those emissions. The air conditioner’s need for electricity from the power grid is reduced. Hence, fewer fossil fuels have required that end up significantly reducing the CO2 emissions. The geothermal pumps utilise the flow of heat from a hot space to a cool space. Since the cool air is not generated, it reduces the pull on the energy grid and fossil fuels. This helps in relieving any emissions.