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HINDUSTAN AIRCON PVT. LTD. is one of the most prominent and proficient air conditioning companies in India. 

Established in 1989, Napoleon has marked its place in several expertise areas such as the technical domain. Our products are known to achieve the highest international quality standards. Hindustan Aircon Pvt. Ltd. aids the supply of its prime products under the brand name Napoleon. 

  • Energy Efficient Air Conditioners
  • One of the topmost companies in the air conditioning industry
  • Technology with minimal impact on the environment
  • Aesthetically designed products

Over the years, NAPOLEON has marked a significant and distinguished presence in the Indian market. The Napoleon brand has been recognised by millions of customers for reaching the highest quality standards. Due to our high-grade technology, Napoleon is known to provide a vast range of environmentally sound products. Our modern, methodologically curated and fully equipped production line of air conditioners has been put together keeping in mind all kinds of customers. Napoleon firmly believes in providing the best to our customers at any scale. Our company follows a rigorous process that helps us maintain the utmost standard of quality. Napoleon’s efficient quality assurance department consistently works behind assuring that every product that reaches our customers signifies the quality standard we have consistently achieved over the years. Every piece of equipment, raw material and components that are installed in Napoleon’s air conditioners also go through rigorous quality checks. Every quality approved piece of equipment has been certified to meet the international quality and safety standards. Hence, staying true to our mission of providing our customers with a true value for their money. Napoleon also supports the ‘Make in India’ initiative by the government of India. For years Napoleon has been manufacturing its air conditioning systems entirely.


Provide world-class products to customers at a great competitive price

All our products are made and distributed with a commitment to incorporating practices that respect the Earth and the environment.


Creating air conditioning systems that achieve, efficient design, quality construction and craftsmanship delivered by skilled professionals.


We seek to make every customer interaction seamless and memorable that focuses on the fulfilment of their needs and requirements.


Provide products to customers whilst achieving a high level of design and engineering.


All our business interactions are carried out with utmost sincerity and integrity.


We support an indispensable policy of open communication with our customers.


We strongly believe in the adaptation of innovations and techniques that ensure the betterment of the customers and the environment.


Provide customers with information and recommendations that allow them to make informed decisions.


We strive to reduce our customers’ cost of installation and service through more efficient construction, maintenance and innovative solutions.

..Napoleon’s air conditioners are extremely good. The cooling is just perfect, especially for Indian summers.